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We are an African, Award-Winning, small batch food company. We make Jams, Hot Sauce, Syrups and Fruit Rolls using indigenous fruits like Morula and Baobab.  We are Fairtrade and HACCP Certified. We have won 13 awards and have been covered by Bloomberg and CNNWe have also been endorsed by Martha Stewart. We work with processors that extract morula oil while we SAVE THE FRUIT

Products: Jams, Hot Sauce, Syrups and Fruit Rolls using indigenous fruits like Morula and Baobab

Quantities Available: 5000 bottles a month

Number of countries Exporting to: 1

Exporting to: USA

Current Clients: Pick and Pay Botswana, Liberty Heights (Retailer in Utah), Wilderness Safari (Hospitality)

Certifications: Fairtrade and HACCP Certified

Location: Botswana

Sector: Food & Beverage

Country: Botswana