About Engage Trade

Engage Trade Africa is a development program setup by the CATALYZE to create links between African Exporters and South African buyers, increasing intra-Africa trade and building relationships between African countries and companies.


ENGAGE TRADE AFRICA  is a targeted meeting program which ensures high level, quality meetings for the African Regional Exporters with targeted, assessed and prepared South African Buyers. Meetings are focused, facilitated and notated to assist both parties develop these engagements to future deal fulfilment.

ENGAGE TRADE AFRICA goal is to make sure the 40 African Regional Exporters come away with not only buyer leads, but the ability to further present professionally to buyers using a well-developed digital footprint and by using current preferred video conferencing tools and new digital resources. 

ENGAGE TRADE AFRICA is organised by CATALYZE which is a meeting and events organiser based in South Africa who is committed to ensuring connection of people and companies, growing trade between the markets and boosting Africa as a world market player.

CATALYZE will be arranging buyer-seller linkages and deal facilitation for African Regional Exporters with market access into South Africa and is responsible for program management, marketing and consulting for the exporters. CATALYZE has a team of experienced marketers, matchmakers, coordinators and specialists who will be responsible for buyer engagement and support.


ENGAGE TRADE AFRICA enhances trade between African regional exporters and South African buyers through developing their online exposure. CATALYZE is tasked with providing exporters with trade enhancing services that enables them to take advantage of future export opportunities. In the past, business linkages were often facilitated through in-person meetings, market buyer missions and trade events. However, with COVID-19  travel restrictions and limitations on face-to-face gatherings, the trade promotion eco-system has seen a massive transformation and the use of technology is now paramount to success, giving exporters the ability meet online and establishing business relations prior to in-person engagements, which can result in live meetings rather becoming defining, deal closing engagements due to preparatory online meetings.

Amongst these transformations is a high reliance on digital marketing to enable business-to-business linkages. These vary from one-to-one introductions by a trade facilitator via virtual meetings and showcasing your product digitally on multiple platforms supported by credible registered and referenced social profiles. With these changes in the operating environment, there is an increased need for high quality marketing and promotional materials for regional exporters in order for buyers to consider them, and ENGAGE TRADE AFRICA prepares exporters for this exposure.

CATALYZE, is an Event and Business Meeting Organiser, with a focus on emerging businesses into strategic markets by facilitating effective and profitable business meetings. CATALYZE facilitates business connections for specific markets by overcoming barriers companies run into, such as language and culture restrictions and the lack of accessible data. Companies receive the best exposure with CATALYZE by being connected with leading buyers in their preferred markets; managing their promotion, online presence, and digital footprint. Most importantly, both buyers and sellers are professionally prompted and prepared for engaging and fruitful discussion.