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Project Description

AvaGro is a leading horticultural producer in Southern Africa that focuses on cultivating vegetables and fruits, nuts, legumes, phytomedicines, as well as different varieties of trees and young plants.

We are growing substantially across the region and are building and advancing innovative projects that promote green initiatives, capacity development and innovation for a flourishing horticultural sector in the countries where we work and that benefit the communities we engage with. We see ourselves as agents in the shift from traditional farming towards innovative precision agriculture.

AvaGro’s roots are in the Namib desert, the oldest desert in the world. The successes attained in these harsh conditions, which are marked by salty and dry soil and extreme climate conditions,  uniquely positions us to replicate our model in other Southern African countries. This advantage allows us to transfer learnings and technology in the sub-continent and so cross-pollinate cultivars to ideal conditions.)

Products: Tomatoes, Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Flowers, Asparagus, Seedlings, Herbs

Quantities Available: 50 tonnes per month

Number of countries Exporting to: 1

Exporting to: South Africa

Current Clients: Pick and Pay and Spar

Certifications: GLOBAL GAP

Location: Swakopmund Namibia

Sector: Food

Country: Namibia