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Project Description

Novagrolider is a company located in Angola that act in the agriculture business, producing fruits (25 different fruits), vegetables (40 different products), meat (beef) and dairy (cow’s milk derivatives).

We have in total 4 production units divided by the different types of products.

Our main goal is to produce for local Angolan market where we are the biggest production company and for exportation where we are very active mainly with tropical fruits (Banana, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Avocado and Passion Fruit)

Products: Fruits and vegetables

Quantities Available: Our total production last year was 100 000 Tons

Number of countries Exporting to: 6

Exporting to: South Africa, Portugal, Spain, France, Russia and Belgium

Current Clients: In South Africa Shoprite

Certifications: Global GAP

Location: Luanda – Angola

Sector: Agro

Country: Angola