Wild Plants Growers

Wild Plants Growers

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Wild Plants Growers

Wild Plants Growers was conceived in the backyard of the founder, Miloane Mokhobo who’s desire to commercially cultivate and mass produce rosehip plants that grow out in the wild led to the development of a protocol that was used to produce the first locally produced rosehip seedlings in 2017.

Products: Rosehip, Pelargonium Sidoides and Dried Herbs (Chili, paprika, Rosemary)

Quantities Available: In 2019 production capacity was 150tons of whole rosehip, in 2020 made 177tons and this year 2021 aim to produce about 200tons.

Position in SA Market: 5th largest

Countries Exporting to: South Africa

Current Clients: Exporting to South Africa

Location: Lesotho

Sector: Fresh Produce

Annual Turnover:  US$ 500,000

Website: www.wildplantsgrowers.co.ls

Contact: Miloane Mokhobo