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VEL AgriHub Limited

VEL AGRIHUB LIMITED is a family business that promotes healthy lifestyles, healthy snacking! It specializes in Organic and Non-organic Dried Fruits and Fresh Agri Produce.

“VEL AgriHub, Snacking ever-made healthy”

It has recently added a new line of Apiculture business for production of Honey, Propolis and Bee-wax. We  envisage to produce at least 1 TONNE OF ORGANIC HONEY by April 2023.

Products: Dried Organic Peaches, Dried Bananas, Dried Pears,  Dried Apples

Quantities Available: 100g with minimum order quantity of 100 X 100g for Peaches

50g with minimum order quantity of 200 X 50g for Bananas

100g and 50g with minimum order quantity of 100 X 100g and 200 X 50g for Apples

Number of countries Exporting to: N/A

Exporting to: N/A

Current Clients: NBN Holdings, SaveLoti Supermarket

Certifications: None

Location: Maseru, Lesotho

Sector: Dried Fruits

Country : Lesotho
Contact: Mpontseng Pama-Letsoela
Contact Number: 26657756292
Website: N/A