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Twala Farming trading t/a  The Anthill Kitchen

Twala Farming is the first in Zambia to grow bananas following regenerative agricultural practices. No chemicals or chemical fertilizers are used. They heal the environment and improve their soil while producing nutrient dense bananas.

The Anthill Kitchen uses these bananas to make green banana flour, a superfood. It the highest natural resistant starch, feeding the good bacteria in your gut. Green banana flour is the best gluten free substitute for wheat flour. It is vegan, vegetarian and Paleo friendly.

Their company focuses on good soil, good food, good health.

Products: Green Banana Flour

Quantities Available: They carry 4 tones of stock at any one time. Minimum order of 1 tone sold as bulk to white label clients or in their  branding 2500 retail packets.

They do have the opportunity to ramp up production very quickly as they are banana farmers in a commercial farm block with several other banana farmers.

Number of countries Exporting to: N/A

Exporting to: N/A

Current Clients: Shoprite Zambia, Pick’n’Pay Zambia and Spar Zambia.

Certifications: Currently on the FED Program working with Technoserve to implement GMP systems then HACCP certification. Our bananas are grown following regeneration agricultural methods, no chemicals and no chemical fertilizers. We will be working on organic certification once we have HACCP.

Location: Mkushi, Central Province, Zambia

Sector: Food, Dry goods

Country: Zambia
Contact: Sue Burdett
Contact Number: 260968838863