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Sunseed Oil

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Sunseed Oil

Sunseed Oil Limited is a leading private cooking oil manufacturing Company in Malawi. Established in 2002. Sunseed Oil Limited extracts and refines oil from locally grown oil seeds especially soybeans and sunflower.

Products: Oil, margarine, toasted and untoasted soya flakes, soya mince, laundry soap, animal feed etc.

Quantities Available: 8 – 10 000tons

Largest Manufacturer in Malawi

Number of countries exporting to: 8

Countries Exporting to: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Madagascar

Current Clients: Distributors, retailers, feedlots Certifications: ISO 22000

Location: Malawi

Sector: Food, Oil, Household

Annual Turnover: $ 85 Million