Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers Botswana

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Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers Botswana

A joint venture company was formed with Botswana and International shareholders as a result of seeing an opportunity to utilize locally produced animal waste products primarily in the beef and poultry industries.

Products: Organic granulated Fertilizers , Organic Blended Fertilizers, Organic Plus Biological Fertilizers, Chemical Blended Fertilizers.

Quantities Available: 5kg bags, 10kg bags, 50kg bags, 1 ton bags, bulk.

Number of countries Exporting to: 5

Exporting to: DRC, Eswatini, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Current Clients: Medcom Trading, Agricura, Capstone Seeds, Lucerne Fields, Spar, Agrifeed

Certifications: Ecocert Organic Attestations

Location: Plot 818kp Mmamashia Botswana

Sector: Fertilizer Manufacturer

Country: Botswana
Contact: Mike Hallam / Marlin Joseph
Contact Number: 267 76135038 – Marlin / 267 71344123 – Mike