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Mulberry Mongoose


Started in 2013. They are a group of 7 courageous Zambian women who convert poachers snare wire into jewelley and donate back to conservation with each sale. They also use organic material sourced locally from the African bush including guinea fowl feathers bought from local farmers, hand-carved wooden beads made using reclaimed wood, vegetable ivory seeds & vintage Zambian coins.

Products: Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings

Quantities Available: 1000 units per month

Position in SA Market: New

Numbers of Countries exporting to: 5

Current Clients: Big online retailers, Conservation orgarnisations, e.g WWF-US, UK & SA, Zool & Aquarium distributor in the US, Boutiques in Australia, America and Zambia.


Country: Zambia

Contact: Kate Wilson

Contact Number: 0027 (0)632744567

Email: –