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Montigny Investments

Montigny is a proudly Swazi owned and operated timber company and the leading integrated timber grower in Southern Africa. The company owns over 55,000 ha of timber, and sells to markets around the world. We are committed to sustainable, profitable and ethical business practices, that benefit the local economy and add value to the Swazi Nation.

Products: Lumber, Hardwood pulp, Treated Poles, Biomass, Finished products, Chipboard and Essential Oils.

Quantities Available: Volumes are large. Biggest pine lumber manufacturer in Africa. 400 000m3 of lumber. 250 000 tons of hardwood pulp, 40 000m3 of treated poles, 320 000t of biomass, 300 000m2 of Chipboard, 240 000kg of Eucalyptus and tree tea organic certified essential oils.

Number of countries Exporting to: 8

Exporting to: Taiwan, USA, Mozambique, SA, Botswana, Namibia, Holland, Seychelles

Current Clients: Sappi, Sumitomo, various lumber merchants  in SA, Wood solutions Netherlands, PG Bison, YORK, various Pallet manufacturer, Mondi

Certifications: Organic Certified Eucalyptus oil , Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Location: Bhunya, Eswatini

Sector: Agriculture/Timber

Country: Eswatini
Contact: Jurgens Kritzinger
Contact Number: 26878020526