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Mediplants Namibia

We are striving to bring proven and tested Namibian remedies, well known to mankind for centuries, to customers around the world. Enjoy a first time experience with our cultural profound plants – all organically grown with ethical sustainability.

Our plants are grown at commercial plantations, where we employee Namibians to learn the skills of planting and producing herbal remedies from these ancient plants. We do not harvest from the wild so that the wild plants do not get eradicated and the beauty  and biodiversity of our beloved country does not get destroyed.

Products: Sceletiums  tortuosum, HOODIA gordonii, Moringa  oleifera Devil’s Claw ,Kigelia africana as well as various Namibian Natural oils ( XIMENIA/KALAHARI MELON/ MANKETTI/MORINGA

Quantities Available: For retail (capsules bottled) and wholesale (powder and coarse)

Number of countries Exporting to: 7

Exporting to: USA, Netherlands,Poland,Austria,Germany, Australia and South Africa

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Location: Namibia

Sector: Health products

Country: Namibia
Contact: Susanne Hoff
Contact Number: 264 81 127 2208