Meat Corporation of Namibia (MeatCo)

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Meat Corporation of Namibia (MeatCo)

Meatco operates various slaughter facilities across Namibia and engages in related manufacturing and other production activities by means of production operations. Which include the Windhoek Factory, Okapuka Tannery, Feedlot, Wholesale and Katima Mulilo Abattoir. Operations at the Rundu Abattoir will commence upon its completion. Meatco’s vision is to have a World-class Meat Brand, Creating Sustainable Wealth for all Namibians.

Products: Meat

Quantities Available: 2000 tons

Number of countries Exporting to: 12

Exporting to: Europe, Norway, Finland, UK, USA, China, Reunion, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, DRC

Current Clients: Wholesale, Retail, HORECA, Butcheries, Manufacturers

Certifications: Kiwa

Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Sector: Meat

Country: Namibia
Contact: Isaac VIN Nathinge
Contact Number: 264811686178