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LnL Fresh Produce PTY LTD

LnL currently specialises in the marketing of fresh produce (specifically fruits and vegetables). Possibilities of processing of produce that either is in excess of the fresh produce market requirement or do not meet the fresh produce market standards is being explored. The products are sourced from the FCs that are shareholders of LnL.

Products: Banana, Baby and Conventional vegetables, Dragon Fruit, Dry Beans, Potatoes.

Quantities Available: We are market driven and have the potential to deliver required volumes as per the market demand

Number of countries Exporting to: 1

Exporting to: South Africa

Current Clients: Subtropico- Springs, DW FRESH Jo’burg and Tswane, NAMBoard and Vendors

Certifications: Working towards GLOBAL G.A.P. and HACCP Certification

Location: Siphofaneni, Eswatini

Sector:Fresh Produce

Country: Eswatini
Contact: Nicholas Tshotsho
Contact Number: 268 7808 5857
Email: nicholas@eswade.co.sz
Website: : N/A