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Kalahari Natural Oils

Kalahari Natural Oils was founded in 2006 and work with communities in remote rural parts of Zambia. The Wild collection from the forests is mainly done by women and is sustainably and ethically sourced.

Products: Organic Mongongo Oil/ Manketti oil

Quantities Available:  Current capacity is 12 Mt/year. The seasonal raw material purchases are based on estimated customer demand and potential business growth. We press to order. Current stocks available is 2 Mt of oil.

Position in SA Market: One of the top 3 suppliers into the SA market

Number of countries exporting to: 13

Countries Exporting to: UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Japan, Australia, India, South Africa, Ghana, Canada Denmark, Czech Republic

Current Clients: Cosmetic manufacturers and distributors, Local stores in Zambia

Location: Zambia

Sector:  Cosmetics

Website: http://www.kalaharibiocare.com/

Contact: Monica Rydsmo Robson

Certifications: NOP, EOS, Ecocert

Number : +260 977 521 516

Email: info@kalaharibiocare.com