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Jewel of Africa

Jewel of Africa is one of Zambia’s leading jewellery manufacturing companies. Established in 1993, Jewel of Africa has now become a household name in Zambia and an international brand with a footprint spanning across Zambia and the United States of America.

Built on the premise of commitment, honesty and teamwork, this family business has not only enjoyed stable and organic growth, both locally and internationally, but the company has also stood the test of time and emerged as an industry benchmark and thought leader by manufacturing exquisite jewellery using locally sourced gemstones of the finest quality. Jewel of Africa’s mission is to bring clients’ dreams to life by creating beautifully crafted jewellery, hand-made in Zambia with the finest and ethically sourced gemstones.

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Sector: Jewellery

Products: Bespoke and Premier Collections Jewellery

Quantities Available: Ample quantities and able to expand easily to meet requirements

Number of countries exporting to: Worldwide

Countries Exporting to: Exporting jewellery directly to customers worldwide.

Current Clients: Discerning individuals seeking bespoke Jewellery with provenance of gems and metals.

Certifications: GIA, FGA, Gemological Institute of Zambia, Diamond Club SA

Contact: Raj Sharma

Contact number: 260967750777