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House of Divinity

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House of Divinity

House of Divinity is an ethical brand that makes exquisitely handcrafted and bespoke Jewellery. Each piece carries a pleasant marriage of contemporary designs and African Influences.

Products: Rings, earrings, neck pieces, cuffs, Cuff links, Crowns

Quantities Available: Estimation – output in 50 000 Pula monthly 

Number of countries exporting to: 3

Countries Exporting to: America, Australia, South Africa

Current Clients: Mainly individuals 

Certifications: Eswatini Fair Trade Certification (a continental certification in conducting a fair trade business  

Location: Gaborone, Botswana

Sector: Semi-precious stone Jewellery

Annual Turnover: N$ 50,000


Contact: Boitshoko Kebakile
Contact Number: + 26774175219