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We specialized in processing different types of organic products, such as Egusi, Pondu, Mushroom, peanut butter, Mopane worms etc. The brand of our products is “mavu” that means earth in Kimbundu, one of Angolan’s national languages.

Products: Pondu (Saka-saka), Egusi, Mushroom, Smoked catfish, Rehydrated mushroom, cooked pondu, Mopane worm, Plantain fufu flour, Manioc fufu flour, Tapioca starch, Yam fufu flour, and peanut butter.

Quantities Available: Minimum order quantity of 1 Ton

Number of Countries Exporting to: N/A

Exporting to: N/A

Current Clients: Local Markets

Certifications: HACCP, FDA, ISO 22000 (All in progress)

Location: Futungo de Belas II, Luanda-Angola

Sector: Food processing

Country: Angola
Contact: Marlene Jose
Contact Number: 244 926 642 743