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Elements by Akirina

Elements by Akirina is a young and dynamic company specializing in customized jewellery and accessories. In January 2018, Akirina Tatenda Malunga turned her hobby and love for creating accessories into a business.

Elements customizes different accessories according to clients needs and requirements. They are driven by the slogan: “With Accessories, You dream it we make it!” They believe in quality products and services and customization allows them to meet the needs of different clientele. Elements believes that accessories are an essential part of any outfit and should be as unique as the person who wear them.

Elements produces an array of accessories ranging from customized bridal accessories, earrings, necklaces and jewellery storage. The team is made up of three amazing creatives who together design and create accessories that are unique, trendy and affordable.

Products: Customized jewellery and accessories

Quantities Available: 25 Hairpieces and 56 pairs of earrings 

Number of countries exporting to 3

Countries Exporting to Elements has exported to Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa on and individual level.

Current Clients: Bridal shops, Individuals, DT online 

Certifications: Favourite Accessories Designer at Simply You Awards Namibia 2019

Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Sector: Jewellery

Annual Turnover: N$257,000

Contact: Akirina Tatenda Malunga

Contact number: 264816731137

Email: elementsbyakirina@gmail.com