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DLG NATURALS BW makes marula more. We focus on base ingredients from Botswana and the region. Our aim is to help grow local companies and support our rural harvesters and villages in the process. Our products are rigorously tested to meet customer specifications.

Products: Marula Oil as cosmetic ingredient.  Marula Pulp, Puree, and Oil as food ingredients.

Quantities Available: Varies by product. Up to 20 tons of Marula oil and 30 tons of Marula Pulp products annually.

Number of countries Exporting to: 8

Exporting to: USA, Europe, China, Africa

Current Clients: 78

Certifications: EOS and NOP organic certifications; COSMOS Organic (in 2022)

Location: Botswana

Sector: Cosmetic Oil & food ingredient

Country: Botswana
Contact: Dr Georgia
Contact Number: 267 77157253