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Condor Anacardium

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Condor Anacardium

Condor Anacardium began operation in Mozambique in 2018, processing Raw Cashew Nuts which are ethically sourced from thousands of smallholder farmers throughout rural Mozambique.

Products: Whole and Broken Raw Cashew Kernel. Whole Cashew Kernel is mainly used as a snack to be consumed raw, or with toppings/flavors added on a secondary processing. Broken kernel is mainly used for bars, cakes, granola, breakfast cereals, butters, and even as a flour. Condor Anacardium has more than 20 different grades for the final Raw Cashew Kernel.

Quantities Available: No whole kernels available for this year. However broken kernels are still available.

Number of countries exporting to 6

Countries Exporting to USA, Europe, and Africa

Current Clients: Manufacturers & Retailers

Brynild Gruppen, Lorenz, Delica (COOP SWISS), Empire State Trading (JHB), Cape Roasters

Certifications and Quality Control: HACCP certificate, and currently implementing Ecocert organic certification

Country: Mozambique
Contact: Gonçalo Correia
Contact Number: +258 8677 74017