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We are the largest dried fruit & coconut oil producer of Mozambique, annual processing 1,000 tons of fresh fruit and 1 million coconuts.

We are the only company in Africa in the Southern Hemisphere producing organic certified dried mangoes. This enables us to deliver in the exact opposite period of the year relative to all other producers in Africa.

Products: Dried mango, pineapple, bananas, and coconuts dried/fresh and coconut oil

Quantities Available: Oil capacity 6-10 tons per month, Dried fruit 40 Tons per season

Number of countries Exporting to: 6

Exporting to: Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Eswatini  and South Africa

Current Clients: The Fruit Farm Company, Shoprite, Lifestyle Centres, Mr Fresh

Certifications: Following HACCP Principles

Location: Inhambane, Mozambique

Sector: Dried Fruit & Coconut Oil

Country:  Mozambique
Contact: Jaco le Roux
Contact Number: 258843019677